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Step into the excellence of Belarani Institute of Medical Science, (best pharmacy college in bankura, west bengal) the standout choice for aspiring pharmacists in Bankura. Picture a place where learning isn’t just about books but a vibrant mix of hands-on experience and expert guidance. Our top-notch facilities and passionate teachers make studying here a journey of both fun and knowledge.

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D. Pharm

Dive into the world of pharmaceuticals with our DPharm course at our college.

B. Pharm

Discover the exciting world of pharmacy with our BPharm course at our college.

The Unparalleled Education of Belarani Institute of Medical Science​

Discover the unparalleled advantages of choosing Belarani Institute of Medical Science, the best pharmacy college in Bankura, West Bengal. Immerse yourself in a transformative educational experience featuring cutting-edge programs, a distinguished faculty, and top-notch facilities.Join us on a journey where innovation meets education, and graduates emerge as empowered pharmacists ready to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare landscape. Your path to excellence begins with us.

Choose The Best in Bankura Pharmacy College

Practical In Own

We are pleased to offer an online storehouse of knowledge to maintain text-books,

Digital Library

We are pleased to offer an online storehouse of knowledge to maintain text-books,

Highly Qualified Faculty

To Exprience The Best

Great Campus Life

Fantabulous Campus

Tech Classroom

The digital whiteboards make learning methods to be the most interactive

Affordable Course Fees

To Make it for all

Advanced Research

Practical class on own Superspeciality hospital

100% Placement

Comprehensive training programs along with 100% placement assistance, secure rewarding positions in both private and government hospitals.

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Why Choose Us | Belarani Institute of Medical Science

Experienced Teacher

Meet our incredible team of experienced teachers at Belarani Institute of Medical Science! They’re not just educators; they’re mentors with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for shaping the future of pharmaceutical professionals.

Wellsetup- Classroom

Step into a top-notch learning experience at Belarani Institute of Medical Science, where our classrooms are designed for success. These well-equipped spaces aren’t just places to learn – they’re dynamic environments that inspire interaction and engagement.


Belarani Institute of Medical Science

Welcome to Belarani Institute of Medical Science, located in the heart of Vivekanandamagar (NH-60), Onda, Bankura district, West Bengal!

We’re proud to be acknowledged by the Indian Pharmacy Council (PCI) and affiliated with The West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education & Skill Development (WBSCT&VE&SD).

Our focus is on delivering high-quality education in the field of pharmacy, specifically through our esteemed D. Pharmacy program. Beyond just academic excellence, we’re committed to creating an environment that supports skill development and overall growth.

Come join us for an educational journey filled with learning, personal development, and excellence at Belarani Institute of Medical Science. Your path to a future in pharmacy starts right here!

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Our Students Love for Best Pharmacy College in Bankura, West Bengal

Dipak Ghosh
Dipak Ghosh
It's a very good institute, wel setup lab, experience teacher.
Chiranjit Chakraborty
Chiranjit Chakraborty
Best Pharmacy College in Bankura, West Bengal
Abhijit Mandi
Abhijit Mandi
"Exceptional pharmacy institute offering top-notch education, expert faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and invaluable practical experience. Highly recommended for aspiring pharmacists!"
Ushasi Chakraborty
Ushasi Chakraborty
Very Nice Campus
suresh pal
suresh pal
Good college

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Frequent ask question

Curious about Belarani Institute of Medical Science? Delve into our FAQs to find everything you need to know, from available courses and application details to unique features and financial aid options. We've got all the information to make your journey into the world of pharmaceutical education smooth and rewarding. 

Belarani Institute of Medical Science offers a variety of programs, including the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) and Diploma in Pharmacy (DPharm), providing a comprehensive education in pharmaceutical sciences.

What sets us apart is our dedicated faculty, top-notch facilities, and a commitment to combining theory with practical experience, ensuring students are well-prepared for the pharmaceutical industry.

We provide a supportive environment with 24/7 access to resources, modern laboratories, and a well-equipped library, creating an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence.

Certainly! Our curriculum emphasizes practical learning, and students have access to cutting-edge laboratories and industry collaborations for valuable hands-on experience.

Of course! We encourage prospective students to schedule a campus tour. Reach out to our admissions office to plan a visit and get a firsthand experience of life at Belarani Institute of Pharmacy.

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